Celebrating Marvin Creamer

Twenty five years ago a voyager named Marvin Creamer (seen at left) completed a truly remarkable sailing feat. Creamer returned to Cape May, New Jersey, aboard his 36-foot sloop Globe Star. He has just completed a circumnavigation. That was admirable, but was not the reason Creamer is still remembered today. The amazing aspect of Creamer’s voyage was that he did it without any navigational instruments of any kind &mdash  not  even a compass or a watch. He used traditional methods of navigation, similar to the method employed by Polynesian navigators in the Pacific.

On May 17th a 25th anniversary celebration of Creamer’s circumnavigation will be held at the Red Bank Battlefield in New Jersey. For more info on the celebration, go to the Globe Star anniversary site. To listen to a podcast of Marvin Creamer talking about his feat go to the FurledSails website.

By Ocean Navigator