Can’t blame the sun

According to a new study by scientists in the U.S., Switzerland and Germany, variations in the brightness of the sun are not sufficient to explain global warming. In an article to be published in the September 14th issue of Nature, the scientists indicate that reconstructions of climate over the past millennium show a warming since the 17th century, which has accelerated dramatically in the past 100 years. The study looked at the possibility that variations in the suns brightness might be the driving force behind the warming. According to the scientists, no such luck. Our results imply that, over the past century, climate change due to human influences must far outweigh the effects of changes in the Suns brightness, says Tom Wigley a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. Cant pass the buck on this, it seems. Apparently global warming is our fault. Sailors, at least, can take some solace that they are not adding to the problem when they are actually sailing. Just don’t touch that diesel start button.

By Ocean Navigator