Buy your own parcel of ocean

Looking for the ultimate eco-friendly gift? The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) has partnered with to sell registrations to parcels of the world’s oceans.

Do you actually own your patch of ocean? &mdash Well, not exactly. Ownership of your patch of blue of is virtual and can be located on the interactive map with GPS coordinates. The parcel is registered with the U.S. Library of Congress and the “owner” gets a certificate of registration for a small fee. While the intent here is not to market the ocean itself, Oceans For Me is a cleaver way to connect people with the ocean, albeit virtually, and help out the NMSF at the same time. Oceans For Me will donate a portion of their gross registration receipts to NMSF, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine education, outreach and the protection and preservation of our National Marine Sanctuaries.

By Ocean Navigator