Brunswick partners with Earthrace

Brunswick New Technologies Marine Electronics (BNTME), a leading designer and manufacturer of world-class marine electronics, and home to the Northstar, Navman and MX Marine brands, announced today their partnership with Earthrace. A bid to circumnavigate the globe in a powerboat, Earthrace seeks to break the current world record using only renewable fuels.

To support this challenge and raise positive cultural awareness about sustainable energy, BNTME has provided Northstar/Navman multifunction navigation equipment and other marine instruments to help ensure a safe and effective race.

“BNTME is excited to be a part of boating’s biggest world-wide adventure,” said Dennis Hogan, North American marketing director for BNTME. “As a leader in navigation technology, our electronics suite is the perfect complement to this revolutionary endeavor. This project is a proud expression of our continued commitment to and the quest for sustainable energy solutions.”

Boaters will have the opportunity to view the Earthrace boat and its BNTME navigation suite at the Miami International Boat Show, February 15-19, 2007. Earthrace is scheduled to begin March 6, 2007 from Barbados with 12 scheduled stops on its 24,000 nautical mile journey.

By Ocean Navigator