Brewer Yacht Yard to join Safe Harbor Marinas family

Brewer Yacht Yard will officially be joining the Safe Harbor Marinas family, creating the largest owner and operator of U.S. marinas with 63 properties across 17 states.
This is exciting news as it merges two of the industry’s most dedicated, passionate and complementary companies, enabling us to deliver even higher levels of service to our boaters. The combined scale of both our companies will ensure boaters have access to our world-class marinas and professional staff across even more locations.
While Brewer is becoming part of the Safe Harbor family, it is important to note that the legendary Brewer brand isn’t going away and will continue to operate independently under the Safe Harbor umbrella.  Additionally, the board and leadership of the combined company will be made up of executives from both Safe Harbor and Brewer. This will ensure our strategic vision, emphasis on the boating industry, family values and delivering long-term excellence remain ingrained throughout the company.
Finally, today’s news will have no impact on our prices, contracts, or your points of contact. We remain committed to setting the standard for delivering professionalism and customer excellence across our industry and look forward to how we can provide even greater service in the future.

By Ocean Navigator