Breakers into the box


In our March/April issue, marine systems guru and contributing editor Nigel Calder wrote about three-cable distributed power systems. One manufacturer that is building this type of smart power distribution gear is Moritz Aerospace, which displayed some of its Octoplex multiplexed power gear in the Maretron’s booth at the show. This photo shows an enclosure holding remotely operated electronic circuit breakers (the blue boxes) for DC power circuits.

These units can be remotely turned on and off, they can be set for different operating characteristics and tripping currents and should the breaker for an important circuit fail, another breaker unit can be swapped for it and the swapped unit can be configured for the new trip level. Since this type of distributed power system requires power to operate, should you lose power, there are also manual override switches.

Will this type of gear will be a standard part of your next electrical system?

By Ocean Navigator