Bolt-on generator from Yanmar

Yanmar is now selling a bolt-on generator, the KMG65E generating system, that fits on the back of a Yanmar diesel, sitting between the engine and the transmission (its the blue unit in the photo). There are two options, an output of either 3 or 6 kW. The product is targeted toward the European market for now and produces 50 Hz power.

From the press release: Sailors with limited space aboard no longer need to forgo electricity when their batteries die.  Providing a compact, economical solution for electricity supply aboard sailboats, Yanmar Marine USA Corp introduces the state-of-the-art KMG65E generating system.  It was developed for use with Yanmar’s 39 hp 3JH4 and 54 hp 4JH4-AE diesel engines.
Traditional bulky, heavy gen-sets can take up valuable room on board and slow craft down.  The unique KMG65E measures just 41-1/3″ deep and weighs only 46 lbs.  It fits perfectly between the engine and transmission, whether a standard gearbox or SD50 Saildrive is used.
Boat owners have the choice of one or two remote power boxes, delivering 3 kW or 6 kW of power at 230 volts, 50 Hz.  With the KMG65E, enough electricity is generated to run air conditioning, kitchen equipment, a computer, television and stereo, regardless of engine speed or load.  It can also be used to charge the boat’s batteries.
A fraction of the cost of competitive systems, the Yanmar KMG65E is easy to install, simple to use and requires little maintenance.  It will initially be available with new engines and targeted for European markets.

By Ocean Navigator