Bobst Group-Armor Lux in the Doldrums

On Monday morning Stamm was holding a 146-nm lead over Thierry Dubois on Solidaires, but that distance is narrowing. Stamm's speed over ground during the last 24 hours has been averaging only about 1.5 knots. As Solidaires continues southward, Dubois will find himself in the same predicament before too long.

Stacking up behind Solidaires are Pindar, Hexagon and Ocean Planet.

Skipper Simone Bianchetti and Tiscali are in port after the yacht was dismasted off northern Spain. But it looks like they will still be able to sail to Capetown in time for the start of Leg 3 on Dec. 8.

In Class II, Brad Van Liew has the lead aboard Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America. On his stern are Everest Horizontal, Spirit of Canada, BTC Velocity, Spirit of yukoh and Bayer Ascensia.

By Ocean Navigator