Boat security company makes a smokescreen


It’s not often a company will admit to making a smokescreen. But Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) has announced where and when it will be obscuring your vision. GOST is demonstrating one of its security products, the Cloak system  that creates a smokescreen designed to frustrate and drive away intruders before they can steal anything. For more info go to

From the press release: Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST – formerly Paradox Marine) will demonstrate the GOST Cloak system at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm daily during the 2011 Miami International Boat Show, February 17-21 (Electronics Room, Booth 1683, Miami Convention Center).

Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in, before police or security teams have had a chance to respond. The GOST Cloak system is designed to provide protection in the critical time gap between onboard alarm activation and the response team’s arrival. In a matter of seconds, the GOST Cloak system fills the protected vessel interior with an impenetrable cloud of smoke that prevents the loss of property, confuses the thief, and forces the intruder off the vessel until the response team arrives.

For more information about GOST Cloak and other GOST boat security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance products, visit booth 1683 in the Electronics Room at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show, or call 1+954.565.9898.

By Ocean Navigator