Binocular maker missed

We read the recent article on binoculars (“Better binoculars,” Issue No. 76) with great interest. It contained valuable insights into the world of optics. However, we were surprised that Steiner, which has specialized in marine binoculars for more than 40 years, was overlooked.

In the subject areas described by the articlesuch as optical quality, brightness, waterproof capability, durability, compasses and range finding reticulesSteiner leads the way.

· Optical quality and brightness: One of Steiner’s most popular marine binoculars, the Commander III, features Steiner’s exclusive color adjusted transmission (CAT) lens coating that enables the user to see subjects better at night than with the naked eye. The CAT lens coating also increases contrast in bright sunny conditions, cuts glare and reduces harmful UV light. The CAT optics, combined with Steiner’s highest grade, precision-ground glass, allow the Commander III to maximize white light transmission to 99.8% per lens and up to 96% for the entire optical system. This is the best ever achieved in binoculars.

· Compass systems: Steiner offers a variety of models with an integrated through-the-lens compass. In fact, we originated through-the-lens compass systems for commercial use in the 1960s. Steiner uses a special hard-damped compass fluid that, combined with the heavy compass magnet, results in an incredibly short settling time. With a magnetic force 10 times stronger than conventional compasses, it provides stability in high waves and choppy waters. The compass allows for precise navigation, day or night, thanks to LED illumination in single degrees.

The article also refers to fluxgate compasses. Steiner was the first to develop and include a fluxgate compass in a binocular with the introduction of the 7×50 Commander Electronic. Featuring an electronic fluxgate sensor, the compass delivers 1° bearings with the push of a button.

Tyke Arbaugh works for Rosse & Assoc., a Sparks, Md., public relations consultant to Steiner’s U.S. agent, Pioneer Marketing.

By Ocean Navigator