Big screen experience on a 28-footer

Most voyagers don’t have a boat big enough in which to hang a 62-inch flat screen TV for watching movies underway. But now you don’t need a bigger boat to be carried way with a huge picture. Slip on the new Vuzix AV920 goggles and you will be totally immersed in your favorite movie, even if you are hundreds of miles offshore. Maybe there should be a feature whereby the on-deck watch can override the movie with a message in large letters: “Stop zoning out to this movie and come on deck! Your watch started five minutes ago!” Or something like that.

From the press release: Wouldn’t it be nice to have your big screen home theater onboard while you are at sea? Just imagine lounging around on deck or indoors watching a big screen on any boat you are on. With the Vuzix AV920, boaters can enjoy the luxury of a big screen experience where ever their travels may take them.  Vuzix engineers have taken military grade near-eye displays and developed a state-of-the-art create way to bring a big screen TV anywhere.

The AV920 is video eyewear that simulates a 62 inch home theater experience! The unit comes with built in headphones, so you can quietly enjoy your favorite movies and videos and not disturb others around you. The AV920 plugs into almost any video source and can easily be transferred between the boat, the car or the hotel. Vuzix has truly created the all-in-one portable viewing solution for anybody exploring the open water.

By Ocean Navigator