B&G® Introduces Easy-to-Use, Radar-Enabled Vulcan 12 and Vulcan 7 Sailing Chartplotters

Southampton, UK – B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, announced today the launch of the new Vulcan family of sailing chartplotters. The updated and extended series now offers a fully refreshed 7-inch, a 9-inch and an all-new, large-format 12-inch model – all with Broadband Radar™ compatibility.

The new B&G Vulcan range ensures all sailors, including coastal cruisers and club racers, can easily access B&G’s unique sailing software developed with the input of round-the-world sailors – modified for the everyday sailor’s needs. Whether users are looking to fit a Vulcan 12 on a new 40-footer or retro-fit a Vulcan 7 on an older 27-footer, B&G’s Vulcan is the ultimate in value, sailing-specific chartplotters.

The Vulcan series delivers innovative sailing functionality controlled through a bright, multi-touch screen with an easy-to-use menu structure that makes setting courses, reading wind speed and direction*, displaying depth and bearings, and a host of other sailing functions, simple and intuitive to access and understand.

With award-winning sailing features that make it easy to plan a trip with key information, all Vulcan chartplotters include SailSteer™ and SailingTime, which combine essential data into one clear and informative screen, as well as SailSteer chart overlay that further enhances situational awareness of laylines and windshifts. Sailors can also unlock a host of other features including PredictWind™ weather forecast and route planning, making Vulcan a fantastic central navigation display. In addition, for the club racer the Vulcan features Startline, countdown timer and a race course building tool.

With the introduction of B&G Broadband 3G™ or 4G™ Radar connectivity to the Vulcan series, B&G is able to increase safety and make sailing easier, and therefore enhance on-water enjoyment. Vulcan users can now identify and track targets from the bow of the boat, up to 36 nautical miles away, cruise safely through crowded harbors, see very close obstacles in poor visibility and keep an eye on distant storm cells.

With connectivity to SonicHub® marine audio, V20 and V50 DSC VHF Radios and AIS transceivers, Vulcan provides the ultimate in on-water entertainment, safety and communication. Vulcan chartplotters are also built with ForwardScanTM capability which, when connected to a B&G ForwardScan transducer, enables full forward-looking sonar beneath the surface – especially useful when exploring shallow, unfamiliar or uncharted waters and entering harbors. When connected to a B&G autopilot system, the Vulcan can also act as a secondary autopilot controller providing Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto-steering functions, and Smart Maneuver functionality combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control.

“The newly updated and expanded Vulcan family brings high-spec sailing features and radar to our entry-level range of chartplotters and truly showcases how B&G ensures all sailors have access to the best technology, which in the past has been exclusive to the top racing teams,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico, parent company to B&G. “From its high-speed GPS, SailSteer and ForwardScan sonar, to the addition of Broadband Radar, every part of the new Vulcan series has been designed to meet the needs of sailors at all levels.”

Vulcan also features built-in Wi-Fi allowing connection to the internet, via smartphone hotspot or a marina, giving access to the online store to purchase and download charts or software updates directly to the display. In addition, users can mirror the screen and control the chartplotter from virtually anywhere on the boat on a compatible iOS or Android device by downloading the Link app (tablets only).

The new Vulcan 12 and 7 chartplotters will be available later this year. The Vulcan 12 will start at $2,199 USD, and the Vulcan 7 will start at $699 USD. To find out more about the B&G range of sailing electronics and navigational products, visit www.bandg.com.


By Ocean Navigator