Bedol’s Battery-Free Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock. A perfect item for a gift guide

Los Angeles, CA – Mark Bedol, designer of the Bedol Water Clock announces the release of his newest Bedol Water Alarm Clock design. Featuring an alarm function, this truly eco-friendly, battery-free timepiece is powered by water. It needs no batteries or electricity–just fill it with water to watch it work. Indispensable to the clock’s mechanics are proprietary metallic plates inside the semi-transparent water reservoir that channel the ions in the water into a current that powers the clock and alarm. The clock is sculpted in the shape of a water drop to match its innovative energy source—the contemporary design nicely complements any interior design and can even be easily packed in a travel bag.  Click here to view an image of The Bedol Water Clock or watch this video to learn more! The  Bedol Water Alarm Clock is a versatile, functional, and practical accessory for any home, office, or traveler and is an attractive gift option. It retails for $26 and can be purchased at and select Bedol retailers across the nation. Available in five colors: blueberry blue, kiwi green, tangerine orange, plum purple, and smoke gray.

About Bedol
Bedol features the latest in innovative products and transforms traditional household and office items with a fun and edgy spin.  Mark Bedol, the company founder, established the Bedol brand with popular inventions and designs such as: Checkmaster, a checkbook calculator that simultaneously balances three different accounts, the sleek looking Spider Clock, and the
Supersmart line of children's school supplies. Bedol is committed to not only providing highquality products, but doing its part for the environment by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Bedol products have been sold at selected retailers in USA such as Bed Bath & Beyond, The Smithsonian Gift Shop, and the MIT Museum Store.

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