Baron Services Mobile Division Supplying Data to XM WX Satellite Weather

Higher resolution sea surface temperatures allow anglers to locate ideal fishing spots with more detail and accuracy; WxWorx on Water software is the first to support the new data.

Huntsville, AL – Baron Services announces that its mobile division, WxWorx, is supplying super-resolution 2km Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data to the XM WX Satellite Weather service. The enhanced SST data is immediately available at no extra charge to subscribers of the Master Mariner data package.

Compatible with most PCs, WxWorx on Water is the first XM WX-enabled software capable of displaying the higher resolution SST dataset. Support for the new SST data will be enabled by a free software update now available on Other manufacturers are set to add support for 2km SST in the near future.

While other sea temperature data products can have gaps caused by clouds and missed satellite passes, the new 2km dataset is derived from multiple sources, including cloud-penetrating satellites that can directly measure sea surface temperatures even in overcast conditions. Advanced mathematical models of the atmosphere and oceans are also employed to predict missing temperature values and fill in any gaps. These mathematical analyses are based on algorithms and data from several sources, including NASA, NOAA and the US Navy.

The increased resolution and accuracy provides XM WX customers with an extremely high level of detail, as well as a complete picture of temperature conditions. Subscribers can use this information to identify pockets of cooler or warmer water, and determine the location of breaks and eddies.

The 2km SST dataset is continuously broadcast over the XM satellites and updated four times each day. For current subscribers to the XM WX Fisherman and Sailor data packages, the existing SST data product will continue to be delivered.


About Baron Services

Baron Services’ products span the globe serving government, business and consumer markets with state-of-the-art weather technologies and integrated solutions. From Doppler radar manufacturing and installation to advanced forecast modeling for hydrology, air quality, and meteorology, Baron Services
continues to lead the weather industry through award-winning innovation. Baron Services, through its partnership with L-3 Communications, was awarded a five-year contract from NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) to provide a system-wide upgrade of the 171 NWS, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DOD) NEXRAD radars to dual-polarization capability. Part of the XM NavWeather system, Baron Services’ Threat Matrix technology is now available as standard or standard option on select models from Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan and the Honda Gold Wing. In the aviation industry, Baron’s technology comes standard with the majority of general aviation aircraft being manufactured with XM WX Satellite Weather as standard or a standard
option. Baron is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with offices in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Florida. For more news and information on Baron Services, please visit

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