Aspen Power Catamarans launches their new 35' C108

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The newest in Aspen's series of PROA powercats the new 35' C108 is scheduled to be released in early 2020. A walk through mock up will be at the Seattle Boat Show at the end of January with finished production models to follow shortly thereafter.

Aspen’s new C108 utilizes their proven and patented power proa hull design and is powered by twin asymmetrical outboard motors. The salon is extended 24” from previous interior layouts on other cruiser models, and the overall beam is increased 8” to a total of 10’8". This adds interior volume and comfort, but the 35’ C108 is still trailerable. The increased space provides unparalleled accommodations, stability and speed in this size range. Like all Aspens, the hull efficiency will give the new C108 the range needed for serious cruising even at speed. Aspen’s patented stable and soft riding Proa hull design, Kevlar reinforced fiberglass construction with watertight bulkheads, and double bottomed hulls mean these cats are tough enough to go anywhere.

With this new design the overall living space of the new Aspen C108 is increased. New features include a wider salon with a large wrap around dining/seating area, expansive SolarGuard side windows, a larger head, and a second quarter berth, meaning three private cabins.

Production slots are now available for deliveries Spring/Summer 2020.
Aspen C108 Specbox

Larry Graf, the founder and President of Aspen Power Catamarans has been building boats and conquering adventure trips since the mid 90’s.

His boating adventures include the recent Aspen Arctic Adventure where he towed a 34' L107 outboard powered Aspen cat, 1,200 miles from Washington State to the Northwest Territories of Canada. He then launched the boat and voyaged down the Mackenzie River over 1,100 miles through uncharted waters before reaching the Arctic Ocean. He completed the Bermuda Challenge (728 miles), traversed the Bering straits in a trailerable cat, Siberia (256 miles), crossed to Midway Island in the Pacific with a trailerable boat (1,364 miles), and conducted a 2,700 mile Alaska exploration. He circumnavigated Vancouver Island un-refueled (650 miles) in an Aspen C100, and participated and orchestrated the 10,000 Mile Tour with a 40' Aspen C120 cruising from Alaska to Annapolis (10,500 miles).

Larry builds Aspen Power Catamarans to be safe, efficient and tough enough to handle the extreme conditions his adventures, and his owners demand.

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