As I See It

May/June 2006

We cruisers are an independent lot. We value self-reliance as if our lives depend on it. We hold our freedom to travel high.

In reflection however, our freedom to travel comes at some social cost. If it were not for the stable socio-economic environment that we leave behind, we might not be out there cruising to begin with.

If we are fully honest then, we must admit of our reliance on and our responsibility to these social and economic structures. Even if that comes at some cost.

We have managed somehow to keep our beer cold without chloro-fluorocarbons, our bottoms clean without tributyltins, and still sail in no-discharge waters.

If in the future we’re asked to set aside copper-based products to protect the very environment in which we live and play, will we be willing to pay the added price?

I hope we have the foresight to make the right decision.  

By Ocean Navigator