The Great Tea Race

From 1700 to 1834, the British East India Company held a monopoly in the colonization of Asia, competing only with the Dutch East India Company. It was founded in 1600 [...]

High speed on the high seas

The evolution of satellite data and voice communications for cruising sailors is finally approaching the point where soon we will all be talking, sending email and searching the internet from [...]

Communications on Passage

In the marina it’s relatively simple to manage communications – a cell phone with a subscriber identification module (SIM) card from the local phone company, and perhaps WiFi supplied by [...]

A little too early

Our Icelandic Temporary Import Permit for the boat was set to expire, which meant either paying stiff import fees for the boat or departing Iceland. As my oldest son was [...]

Head games

The excitement of being new sailboat owners was wearing off quickly. My wife and I had been aboard our new-to-us 2000 Beneteau Oceanis 381sailboat for only a few hours when [...]

In praise of the boom tackle

In 2016 my wife and I bought a 34-foot Cabo Rico, upgrading from the 27-foot Albin Vega we’d owned for 16 years. While we certainly appreciated the increase in speed, [...]

Spinning up a solution to rolling

Rolling underway? Ugh! It’s the bane of power boating. It turns some folks green.  Over the years, various methods of dampening this sickening side-to-side motion have been developed —paravanes, stabilizer [...]

Using electronic charting tools

Modern electronic charting on multifunction displays is a powerful tool for the voyager — they can know position and other navigational info just by glancing at a screen. With position [...]

Twelve-Winded Sky

The prospect of racing a boat 2,000 miles from California to Hawaii can take an owner’s list of desired boat upgrades and make it considerably longer. That was the case [...]

New Round Iceland Race

In May 2022 the Royal Western Yacht Club in the UK announced a new ocean racing competition, the Round Iceland Race, which is set to start from Plymouth in the [...]

Lisa Blair completes Antarctic circumnavigation

Australian sailor Lisa Blair crossed her outbound track on May 19, 2022, to complete a solo unassisted non-stop circumnavigation of Antarctica, going into the history books for sailing it all [...]

The modern way to book a marina

When cruising, my husband Tom and I usually spend nights at anchor, with only an occasional sojourn at a marina slip. This past summer we sailed our Sabre 30 Ora [...]

Pacific Cup activity ramps up

The first start for the 2022 Pacific Cup Race (Ocean Navigator is a race co-sponsor) is set for July 4th and the activity is picking up in anticipation of the [...]