The end of Albatros – Answers

A. Find LHA of Aries.
B. The three stars are Hamal with an Ho of 41° 40.7’; Achernar with an Ho of 20° 12.3’; and Altair with an Ho of 42° 28’. Compare with the Hc of the stars as calculated in Ho 249 and find intercept and bearing.
C. The AP is N 5° by W 85° 08.6’. Precession and nutation is 3 minutes at 70°. Find the fix.

LHA of Aries is 346°.

Intercept for Hamal is 15.3 nautical miles away, Zn is 063°. Intercept for Achernar is 13.7 nautical miles away, Zn is 159°. Intercept for Altair is 18 nautical miles toward, Zn is 278°.

The fix is N 5° 4’ by W 85° 24’ W.