Doggersbank 60 Offshore: a new take on a time-honored classic

The Doggersbank handles well in virtually all kinds of coastal and offshore conditions.
The Doggersbank handles well in virtually all kinds of coastal and offshore conditions.

Introducing the all-new Doggersbank 60 Offshore. Benefitting from more than six decades of Doggersbank expertise, the proven platform retains the comfort, layout and characteristic look of the steel-hulled Offshore models, set within a manageable size range. In addition to the time-honoured classic, Vripack Design has developed a contemporary sister model—the Doggersbank 60X Offshore—aimed at a younger, outdoor sport-oriented owner.

The planned interior for the Doggersbank 60 Offshore will evoke a light and contemporary look and feel. “It will be comfortably finished with solid materials, tactile fabrics, soft furnishings and lighting to create a truly warm ambience,” says Joost Mertens, Doggersbank sales director. “In essence, the warm and homey Doggersbank vibe with a rejuvenated family focus.”

“Its interior layout has similar features as the other popular Offshore models, just on a slightly more compact scale,” explains Mertens. “For a family, it’s the perfect step up from a GRP 50-plus footer. Alongside Dutch design and build quality, it’s an easy size to handle.”

While the Doggersbank 60 Offshore is well suited for enjoying the great lakes or coastal cruising, it is also a serious, ocean-going vessel capable of efficient transatlantic crossings. A 2,115 US gallon (8,000 litre) tank provides a 3,000 nautical mile range when cruising at medium speed.

With top-of-the-range stabilisers, remote-controlled, in-docking assistance and a maximum speed of 10 knots, it’s a future-looking trawler built for family cruising.

As an option, the Doggersbank 60 Offshore can be equipped with a PTO/PTI inline shaft generator and engine. It allows for an ocean crossing at medium speed using just one engine, saving the other engine hours and fuel while it generates electrical power. When the battery bank is full, there is no need to run the generator. With just 135 kilowatts, the Doggersbank 60 Offshore can cruise fully electric for four to six hours on lower speeds or run the hotel load when at anchor for eight hours in complete silence.

The interior space and rear deck of the Doggersbank 60 allow everyone onboard ample room for comfort and enjoyment.
The interior space and rear deck of the Doggersbank 60 allow everyone onboard ample room for comfort and enjoyment.

With its muscular appearance, explorer-focused details and numerous system efficiencies, the new Doggersbank 60 Offshore represents the Bentley of owner-operated trawlers. In addition to the typical, traditional Doggersbank 60 Offshore look and feel, a more contemporary model will launch during the Trawlerfest Boat Show in Anacortes from May 16 to 18. The Doggersbank 60X Offshore takes everything iconic about the traditional Doggersbank Offshore series—an emphasis on safety, comfort and experience—and reframes it for a younger, outdoor sports-oriented owner. The rejuvenated exterior design brings modern design changes that include bigger windows in the wheelhouse and owner’s suite, and “beefed up” exterior aesthetics.

Design changes include a sharpening up of the soft, classic Doggersbank corners. An inclined bow with more flare and exterior angles gives the boat a knuckle edge with an adventurous vibe. Modern, black window mullions frame a bank of glazing in place of the classic smaller windows—three windows instead of five in the wheelhouse. “It means the view from the central helm position is much bigger and wider, creating a sense of space and better vision on the water,” explains Mertens.

Exterior seating on the upper deck and bow is swapped out for Pelican storage boxes. There are more grab rails, fixings for fishing rod holders and fender racks. Space has been reserved for gym equipment, paddle- and wakeboards and two kayaks, while inside the lazarette, there is further provision for expedition gear and spare parts. And then there are the vintage colour options, such as eucalyptus green, sky blue and sand grey, showing a subtle, softer palette, suggesting elegance and warmth, and something altogether more refined.

“With the Doggersbank 60X Offshore, we’re staying true to the Doggersbank heritage but giving it a modern facelift,” says Mertens. “The result is a boat built for outdoor activities and onboard pursuits with lots of open deck space that owners can really get behind.” Future owners have the ability to choose the all-new look and feel of the Doggersbank 60Offshore for any of the Doggersbank Offshore models. n