Article helps sailors fix overheating problem

From Ocean Navigator #103
January/February 2000
To the editor:

The recent article that detailed repairing a cooling system (“A Cool Fix,” Issue No. 102, November/December 1999) by Gordon Wyatt was excellent. I have been attempting to solve an overheating problem on our 88-hp Yanmar turbo aboard Tenacious, a 48-foot Tayana cutter.

The problem surfaced as my wife Missie and I were leaving for our annual overnight trip from Houston to Port Aransas, Texas. Less than 30 minutes from the dock the engine overheated. After limping back to the dock, we spent three days changing the impeller and thermostat, inspecting the exchangers, cleaning the prop, and verifying that the transmission was okay. Finally, we decided to haul the boat with the belief the shaft strut was damaged. The haul-out cost $500 plus a technician’s fee of $100, for a total of $600 (not to count the spare parts I used). After three days we left but still had to watch the engine temperature. Remember, we are sailors and not powerboaters.

Then the November/December issue of Ocean Navigator arrived. Missie studied Wyatt’s article and stated the problem had to be in the mixing elbow. Sure enough, she was correct! I found the inlet seawater hose crimped, thus limiting the supplyproblem fixed. Thanks to Ocean Navigator for providing meaningful stories. Keep up the good work.

By Ocean Navigator