Ample Technology has DC generators

To the editor:The recent article by Chuck Husick on compact gensets ("Small and quiet," Issue No. 99, July August 1999) failed to mention Ample Technology's line of DC generators. We have been building this type of unit since 1989. We offer four basic models as follows:150 amps/12 volts, 128 lbs;300 amps/12 volts, 185 lbs;75 amps/24 volts, 136lbs; and175 amps/24 volts, 190 lbs.

The amperage ratings are continuous. All units come with a Smart Alternator Regulator that, because of its unique design, is able to extract more amps per engine horsepower compared to other DC generators that use the same Kubota diesels.More information about our line of DC generators can be found on our web site, Also found there, in the Ample Power Primer, is a discussion about AC generation methods, which compares AC generators and DC generators with inverters. Follow this URL:

By Ocean Navigator