Always ask for ID

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The security crew at the Sydney International Boat Show is most likely feeling some heat under collar after Monday's exhibition at Darling Harbor: A single man with truck, trailer hitch, false phone number and (to put it politely) some gusto drove off with a stolen Sailfish aluminum outboard catamaran – twice. As yet unidentified, the man left Stand 501 at 1am the first time during a semi-frantic closing period at the end of the show. Offering the phone number and verbal credentials for Webbe Marine (Sydney, AUS), he was able to pull off the same maneuver a second time only an hour later. 

One boat was a dark blue and white 19ft  Reefrunner, with two 60-horsepower Honda engines; the other an 18ft black and white Reeffish'r with a single 90-horsepower outboard. The insurance company for the vessels is reportedly offering a "substantial" reward for information regarding the incident. The combined value of the boats is approximately $150,000 – a hefty price to pay, especially for not verifying who is driving off with a boat, or boats.

By Ocean Navigator