All is Lost poster winner!


We received some great comments regarding the Robert Redford Indian Ocean survival film, All is Lost. And after we read through them all, we chose "Firstmate" as the winner and the recipient of the All is Lost movie poster signed by director J.C. Chandor. "Firstmate" is the screen name of Adriana van der Graaf, who lives in Camarillo, Calif. She added to her online comments in an e-mail: "I really enjoyed All is Lost. I think that people are viewing it as a 'how to go sailing' movie rather than one man's experience in that situation."

Adriana and her husband own a 45-foot diesel trawler named Dariana Ruth. They voyage out of Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. Adriana wrote: "We enjoy the Channel Islands and have taken the boat on trips from Alaska down to Baja. We are originally from the Bay Area, so our trawler is deep draft – full displacement, which comes in handy for trips out to the Farallons with the Farallon Patrol."

Congratulations to Adriana.

J.C.Chandor autograph

Adriana van der Graaf on Dariana Ruth


By Ocean Navigator