All in a day's work

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From time-to-time, one might find him or herself feeling as if there aren't enough hours in the day. But, when given the proper initiative or motivation, it's amazing what can be accomplished in a day. Francis Joyon, of France, has broken the 24-hour solo-sailor speed record set in 2008 by Thomas Coville. Joyon traveled 668 nautical miles – 1,237 kilometers – between this past Monday and Tuesday evening; skippering a massive 95-foot/29-meter trimaran IDEC at an average pace of 27.83 knots. Joyon left from Trinite`-sur-Mer in Brittany this past Friday en route to the Azores, which presented the most ideal weather conditions for a successful attempt. 

Speaking realistically, most of us don't own 95-foot/29-meter trimarans, or intend to break any world records when we wake up in the morning – but that's usually because we've got plenty of our own work to finish by dinnertime. 

By Ocean Navigator