Adventure 40 design coming together

F 044 Adventure 40 044 001 Revb General Arrangement 1 490x689

For several years John Harries of Affordable Adventure Cruising has been working on the idea of a new design for a moderately-priced, ocean-capable voyaging boat that will allow more people to go offshore sailing. Harries' ideas (along with contributions from his readers) coalesced into something he calls the Adventure 40. But up to now he hasn't been able to find a designer willing to take the design to the next level. Recently, however, Harries posted on his blog that he has found a young Dutch designer, Erik de Jong, to help him bring the Adventure 40 to life. And when they do, we should start seeing a few Adventure 40s around – Harries has 97 people who have signed up to buy one!

Read more about Erik de Jong and the Adventure 40 on Harries' blog. 

By Ocean Navigator