ACR Electronics Debuts the AquaLink View 406 GPS PLB

MIAMI, FL—Adding a new level of assurance and instant information, a Digital Display breakthrough has been introduced to Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) technology with the debut of the innovative AquaLink View 406 GPS PLB from ACR Electronics, Inc.

The FCC-approved AquaLink View provides three levels of integrated emergency signal technology—GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz satellite detectable signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability.

The self buoyant AquaLink View takes the above technology and adds a unique Digital Display which provides the user with a variety of important information both during operation and self-test, including an ACR exclusive which allows the user to test GPS functionality up to 60 times over the life of the battery. This GPS testing can be used with the service just introduced by ACR to send loved ones your GPS position.

When activated, the Digital Display provides the user with reassuring tips on optimizing the use of the beacon and provides the following functionality during activation:

–It informs the user that the beacon is working
–It informs the user of his/her GPS coordinates
–It informs the user of remaining battery power
–It reinforces to the user the correct deployment of an activated beacon with messages such as “Leave beacon on until ResQ” and “Do not hold antenna.”

The Digital Display is housed inside the unit and cannot be touched, bumped, pierced or otherwise damaged by an external force unless the entire PLB is destroyed. ACR Electronics has solved the challenge of liquid crystal displays and cold temperature operation.

The rugged, one-button activated, emergency signalling device also is light at just 9.2 oz (261g) and comes with a super bright LED strobe light and multi-use GPS acquisition testing. With multiple GPS capabilities, the AquaLink View can provide a user in a non-life-threatening emergency situation a digital position readout, and in an emergency, activation will transmit exact LAT/LON position along with a unique registered distress signal that not only provides rescuers with information as to where the sender is but who the sender is. The onboard GPS can fix position to within 100 meters.

The AquaLink View has all new high performance features such as:

* Built-in, super bright LED strobe light increases visibility to Search and Rescue.
* High power 6.3 watt 406 MHz transmission.
* Digital Display and multiple GPS capabilities.
* Onboard 66-channel parallel GPS acquires then transmits LAT/LON when the unit is activated, dramatically saving valuable time for the distress message to reach local rescue centers.
* In addition to full functional self-testing of internal circuitry, battery voltage and power, the AquaLink View allows for up to 60 long GPS acquisition tests.
* More efficient design uses less power, making it smaller and lighter.
* Inherently buoyant and waterproof

Suggested MSRP for the AquaLink View is $599.00.

By Ocean Navigator