ABYC celebrates 50 years of boat standards

From Ocean Navigator #138
May/June 2004
The American Boat & Yacht Council is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to establish standards of construction and repair – and disseminate safe boating practices – for recreational vessels. The ABYC celebrated its 50th anniversary on Feb. 1.

Adm. Thomas H. Collins, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, was the keynote speaker at the event, a fitting selection since members of the Coast Guard were instrumental in founding the organization in February 1954. The ABYC was formed by members of the Motorboat and Yacht Advisory Panel of the Coast Guard’s Merchant Marine Council.

After first citing an interest in assistance from the boating public in security measures, Collins praised the ABYC’s efforts in safe boating practices and boat construction standards.

“I challenge ABYC to expand the use of its standards to ensure that every boatbuilder selling boats in the U.S. is building boats in compliance with ABYC standards,” Collins said.

In a statement following the event, Skip Burdon, ABYC president, said, “This remark is a profound statement of support for ABYC – it will help guide ABYC’s course and its future development of consensus-based marine safety standards and supporting workforce educational initiatives for the next 50 years.”

The ABYC also pointed out that the National Marine Manufacturers Association already accepts many ABYC standards and that the ABYC works closely with the International Organization for Standardization. Contact the ABYC in Edgewater, Md., at 410-956-1050 or by visiting www.abycinc.org.

By Ocean Navigator