Aboard Virginia, Bermuda to St. Thomas VI

Below is a blog post written by Keith Barkwood, a Schooner Virginia crewmember, on Nov. 30, 2009, while en route to St. Thomas from Bermuda. David Berson was aboard as Ocean Navigator celestial navigation instructor. 
In the Tropics.

We have officially crossed into the tropics. It happened last night and somehow today it feels much hotter. There was a plethora of deck showers this afternoon as landfall may only be a day away. The water temp and the air temp are just about the same, yet a bucket over the head is so very refreshing.

We have had a great bit of sailing over the last couple of days. There have been times we’ve been in the 9-knot range, just smoking along. However to keep our arrival time punctual, we have a 7-knot minimum sailing speed before the motors come on. So presently since the wind has dropped off we are motor sailing along creating a nice little breeze down the companionway.   
By Ocean Navigator