Aboard Virginia, Bermuda to St. Thomas II

Below is a blog post written by Keith Barkwood, a Schooner Virginia crewmember, on Nov. 26, 2009, while en route to St. Thomas from Bermuda. David Berson was aboard as Ocean Navigator celestial navigation instructor.
Big Dead Bird Day.


       Very early this morning this morning we lost the wind.  I can think of only a few things I hate worse than flogging the sails in light winds.  Thankfully we struck the topsails, jib and the main shortly after watch.  We have been motor boating since then trying to get some distance between an approaching storm front and us. In preparation for the increased winds we put a reef in the main and set it once again.

       Today is Thanksgiving and Carry has been busy, busy, busy in the galley all day.  At one point we had two pumpkin pies cooling in the center of our life rings.  The Captain has decided that the meal will be all hands at 1800, so we can eat as a family.  The dress at the meal is as formal as we can manage.

By Ocean Navigator