Aboard Virginia, Bermuda to St. Thomas I

Below is a blog post written by Keith Barkwood, a Schooner Virginia crewmember, on Nov. 25, 2009, while en route to St. Thomas from Bermuda. David Berson was aboard as Ocean Navigator celestial navigation instructor.


Nothing very funny or exciting happened today, it was quite an ordinary day.  That is until we set sail at the dock, dropped our lines, set the topsails, and sailed through the St. Georges town cut out into the Atlantic Ocean.  We are underway again heading East South East, putting Bermuda astern.  Jupiter made an appearance, while the clouds stayed away and sextants sprouted on the deck like tulips in spring.  The Ocean Navigator class is off and running, numbers are being crunched, sights reduced, and fixes plotted.  If the GPS network were ever going to fail, with these students on board, now would be a good time. 

It feels good to be underway again.  Sure Bermuda is nice, but it sure is expensive and exhausting.  Besides the normal workday, one must also find time to swim, run, Internet, call family and friends, and explore the island.  Being underway forces us back in time to a simpler life, one with less distractions.  The irony of my last sentence humors me, as I sit in my bunk and write a blog on my Mac that I’m about to send out over a satellite network.  But still, without the iPhones and wi-fi, it is nice to be present with those souls aboard the schooner. Our little world afloat on this big ocean.

By Ocean Navigator