A voyager's art show

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Not many voyagers manage to make their way as far south as Tierra del Fuego. Fewer still manage to also have an art show of their photography while there! Keri Pashuk, who lives aboard Northanger, a 54-foot Damien II lifting keel steel ketch with her husband Greg, will have a one-woman show of 26 of her large format Giclee prints at the Dreams Hotel and Casino in Punta Arenas, across the Strait of Magellan from Tierra Del Fuego. The show will open on April 4.   

Keri and Greg have roamed far afield aboard Northanger, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Along the way, Keri has been taking photos of the beautiful, lonely places they visit.

"The places we go are so grandiose and immense, and intensely beautiful on the large scale, that it is sometimes difficult to look at the small details of movement, colour and light," Keri writes in an email from Bahia Parry, a long, icy fiord that branches south off of Seno Almirantazgo and pierces into the heart of Tierra del Fuego. "They are as true to the image that I tried to capture, the light that I saw and the moods that the places instilled in me. All the images are from the natural world, a world I feel is rapidly diminishing.  I hope that these works will garner a curiosity, perhaps a respect, for these wild and fragile regions and maybe even contribute in some way to helping to preserve them for the future."

The idea for the show came from Keri's friend, Marisol Rimenschnieder, who is the organizer for art exhibitions at the Dreams Hotel. The photos are printed on Hahnemuelhe FineArt Bright white 310gr paper from an HP designjet Z3100ps GP Large format 44" digital printer. The prints, if properly mounted and hung, should have a 200-year lifespan.


By Ocean Navigator