A (tiny) Watchful Eye

Gost Miniball Jpeg

Whether it be the last bag of Cape Cods or your custom synthetic line, find out who took your precious valuables before they’re gone for good!  GOST (formerly Paradox Marine) has made it simple – almost too simple – to discreetly harness the rightful paranoia of a boat owner.

A new series of GOST Mini Ball LED analog cameras is available in several formats: PAL, reverse-image, and wide-angle (with a 2.8mm lens option for enhanced video). The small personal security camera automatically adjusts to day/night lighting, and measures 2.4″ (61mm) in diameter – about the size of a golf ball. It is available in all of the GOST Watch HD and GOST Insight HD packages.

Marine-grade water resistance and petite stature make it easy to mount the new GOST series either on-deck or below, without worry of weather or the distraction of a typically bulky security device.  In essence, one can keep watch on a vessel and its treasures around the clock – and in high resolution no less.

More information about the GOST Mini Ball Camera can be found at www.gostglobal.com, or by calling (954) 565-9898.

By Ocean Navigator