A salty song helps morale

Warren White Approaching Nz

In our March/April issue we have a piece by Nat Warren-White about the second duo of tricky passages to round out the four most challenging (we ran a piece on his first two tricky passages in the September 2013 issue) he and his crew faced while on their circumnavigation aboard Bahati, his Montevideo 43.

While on the challenging passage to New Zealand, which had plenty of rough weather, Warren-White's crew composed the following "salty" chantey to sing and keep everyone's spirits up. Here it is with a preamble by Nat. 

My young 20-something crew on this passage, Josh, Tim, Michael, and Hillary, came up with some great song lyrics which attest to the good times we all suffered helping each other find our way south. The chorus sums it all up

Salty Dog Hindsight Net Shanty

Chorus: Give us some rum and a bucket of beer
  And we'll cross this wide ocean
  Without any fear!

  Singin' Lye Diddee Lye Diddee Lye Diddee Lye

Vs 1: We're the good ship BAHATI
  And her 5 trusty crew
  Were all very happy
  'Cept the one who can't poo!

Chorus 2: Give us some beer and a bucket of rum
  And we'll cross this wide ocean 
  With a stick up our bum!

Lye diddee lye didee lye didee lye!

There are at least a dozen more verses I won’t torture you with here. If you’re curious how low our storm weary taste actually sank, please reach-out and I’ll be happy to forward the whole song.  

By Ocean Navigator