A Rising Sun and rain in the forecast

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You can count on early autumn days and nights in Maine. Here in Portland, Ocean Navigator’s homeport, the fall foliage along the Casco Bay shore colors the coast with brilliant yellows, reds, and oranges. Crisp, dry autumn air tees up crystal clear nights and starry skies. For many these are the most spectacular and alluring days of the year. This month, those autumn leaves beckoned to David Geffen and company.

As anticipated, Mr. Geffen’s yacht Rising Sun tied up at the Maine State Pier in Portland Friday — in the rain. At 453 feet, the Jon Bannenberg-designed boat is more ship than yacht yet still swan-like and graceful. Friday’s rain turned into Saturday’s rain. Saturday’s rain turned into Saturday night’s rain, autumn rain being the punishment for enjoying Maine’s sparkling autumn days.

On Sunday, the forecast was for light drizzle and an occasional shower. The Peaks Island gang (more about them later) hauled boats all day in a constant rain.

Billions of dollars in personal wealth, friends in high places, a $200+ million yacht with the talismanic name of Rising Sun to boot, and still — just as it happens to all of the rest of us — you cruise into an anxiously awaited port, and then you’re stuck below deck while it rains steadily for three straight days.

Of course, being holed up at the dock for a rainy weekend on the Rising Sun couldn’t be too hard to take. 

And Monday dawned with a rainbow overarching Portland. I’m sure it was worth the wait — it always is.

By Ocean Navigator