A lighter way to relief

From Ocean Navigator #128
March/April 2003
Visitors to the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) boatbuilding trade show in Amsterdam and the Paris Boat Show last year were presented with what may be the most impressive toilet ever to support the bottoms of the world’s wealthiest sailors.

Racers can lighten their load by using the Tecma carbon-fiber/titanium toilet.
   Image Credit: Courtesy Tecma

The carbon-fiber/titanium head was engineered by the Italian toilet manufacturer Tecma – the appealing motto of which is “The world of toilet,” according to its website – for installation in a Wally yacht, a distinctive English firm known for its minimalist designs. The gleaming, jet-black head weighs all of about 25 pounds – in comparison to the unacceptable 65 pounds typical of a traditional porcelain head.

Now that the world’s fastest boats are managing to sail around the world in far less than 80 days in attempts to claim the Jules Verne Trophy, regularly turning in times of just over 70 days, installation of this toilet in one of the French high-speed tris may be just the way to shave a day or two off the current record – combined, of course, with the use of Kevlar toilet paper.

For more information on Tecma’s toilets, visit www.tecma.net.

By Ocean Navigator