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Boatwatch Logo 2020 600 2For voyagers in need of some help, the website does a great job of keeping track of vessels with distress issues and those boats that for some reason are late in arriving from passages. Below is a recent “be on the lookout” (BOLO) announcement from Boatwatch. Check in with to see their latest posts. You might be in a position to lend assistance.

A Non Emergency Bolo has been issued for SV Breeze who left Curacao on January 5, 2022 and was due in at Shelter Bay Marina on January 9th or 10th.

SV Breeze is a 44 foot Morgan center cockpit with single handed sailor, Randy Chambers, age 72 years, USA citizen on board. He left Spanish Waters, Curaçao was heading north of Aruba and avoiding the wind of the North of Colombia.

Anyone on passage is asked to hail SV Breeze on their VHF radio and to make reports to

By Tim Queeney