400th Alerion design delivered

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Warren, R.I., boatbuilder, Pearson Composites LLC, delivered its 400th Alerion Express 28 in June. The R.I. boatbuilder also builds J/Boats, 44-foot sail trainers for the U.S. Naval Academy, True North expedition express powerboats, PDQ power catamarans and several other brands of sail, power and commercial vessels.

Pearson is often credited with introducing this popular style of elegant day sailer, a modern boat loosely based on the 26-foot sloop of the same name that Capt. Nathaniel Herreshoff designed for his personal use in 1912.

The popular appeal of the design gave rise to countless imitations over the years. Today a number of boatbuilders are meeting the demand for these boats with a variety these “gentleman’s day sailers.” With delivery of the 400th Alerion Express, Pearson may well have produced more of this style day sailer than all other builders combined. It seems only fitting that the Alerion is alive and well in Warren, R.I. not far from its Herreshoff roots in Bristol, R.I.

The popularity of the boats (available in a range of lengths from 20 to 40 feet) comes from their ease of sailing in a wide range of conditions and their handsome classic looks. They maintain strict one-design standards and are easily handled by one person, thus eliminating the need to line up crew, etc. For more information on the Alerion Express 28 or other Alerion models visit www.alerionexp.com.

By Ocean Navigator